Your One Stop Shop
Kellenberger Auto Service is large enough that we can handle all your vehicle needs. From the large fleet account to the customer who only drives to the store and church once a week, we can treat you with the individual attention you deserve. Below is a list of some of the services we offer.

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Brake Systems
• Diagnosis
• ABS repairs
• Pads and Lining replacement
• Rotors and Drum machining
• Wheel cylinders
• Master cylinder
• Emergency (parking) brakes
• Power boosters
• Brake Fluid Flushing Service

Cooling/Heating Systems
• Diagnosis
• Radiators and Heater cores
• Head Gaskets
• Thermostats
• Belts & Hoses
• Electric fans and clutches
• Water Pumps
• Air Conditioning Repairs
• A/C Retrofit (to R134a)

Electrical Systems
• Diagnosis
• Drivability Problems
• Major/Minor Tune Ups
• Starters
• Alternators
• Lights - Instrument Panel Gauges
• Power Accessories
• Speedometers
• A/C & Heater controls
• Electrical Wiring
• Headlight Alignment

Computer Systems
• Diagnosis
• "Check Engine" - "Service Engine Soon" light
• Failed Emission Tests
• OBD II Diagnostics
• Drivability Problems

Exhaust Systems
• Diagnosis
• Emission System Repairs
• Catalytic Convertors
• OE Quality Mufflers
• Exhaust/Tail Pipes
• Crossover Pipes
• Exhaust Manifolds
• Dual Systems

Suspension Systems
• Diagnosis
• Alignments (2 and 4 wheel)
• Major Brand Tires
• Shocks/Struts
• Rack & Pinion systems
• Air Ride systems
• Drive Axles
• Idler Arms/Ball Joints/Tie Rods
• Wheel Balancing

Fuel Systems
• Diagnosis
• Fuel Injection Cleaning
• Gas Fuel Injection
• Carburetors
• Fuel Lines/Hoses
• High Pressure Fuel Injection Fuel Lines
• Fuel Pumps
• Fuel Filters

Parts Suppliers
• Original Equipment Dealer Parts Departments
• Lee Auto Parts
• AC/Delco
• Cooper Tire
• Uniroyal Tires
• Other Major Brand Tire Suppliers
• Interstate Batteries
• Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation
(Kellenberger Auto only uses parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications)

Equipment Suppliers
• All Data Information Systems - including Factory "Service Bulletins"
• Hunter Wheel Alignment
• Wynn's Transmission Service
• Coates Wheel Balancing
• All Tool Tire rim clamp tire machine
• Coates Tire mounting machine
• Wynn's Brake Fluid Service
• White Industries R134 refrigerant reclaimer
• Sun R12 refrigerant reclaimer
• Allen SmartScope and 4Gas analyzer
• Wynn's Power Steering Fluid flushing
• Snap On Voltage Amperage Tester
• Wynn's Cooling System Service
• Vetronics Master Tech
• A/C hose fabrication crimp tools
• Snap On scanner


Preventive Maintenance is required on all vehicles to minimize the chance of costly breakdowns and get the full useful life out of your investment.

We use only the highest quality parts with trained personnel to do all our maintenance work. Every vehicle requires an individual maintenance schedule, so consult your manual or give us a call for your specific needs. When we do the work, we keep a history on your vehicle to prevent duplication and suggest needed work. This will also document work done to maintain your warranty.

Every 3,000 to 4,000 Miles

• Oil Change
• Oil Filter Replacement
• Lubricate all grease fittings
• Check and adjust tire pressures and inspect tread for irregular wear patterns
• Check and add washer fluid
• Check Antifreeze condition (level, freezing point and acidity which is corrosive to metals)
• Check Transmission level and condition
• Check power steering fluid level and condition
• Visually inspect :
Air Filter
Belts and Hoses
Wiper Blades
External Lights
Battery terminals for corrosion
Brake fluid level

Every 6,000 to 7,500 Miles

All services listed for 3,000 miles plus:
• Rotate Tires (balance if needed)
• Inspect Brakes

Every 30,000 Miles

All services for 3,000 and 6,000 miles plus:
• Replace Fuel Filter
• Inspect Ignition System (replace spark plugs if needed)
• Fuel Injection Cleaning Service (TerraClean)
• Cooling System Service: Wynn's state of the art coolant exchange equipment replaces 95% of old coolant prevents coolant degradation (which causes rust and scale deposits and damage to cooling system)
• Automatic Transmission Service: Wynn's flushing machine replace 95% of transmission fluid helps prevent fluid contamination and overheating
• Power Steering Service: helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings and avoid premature, expensive steering system failures
• Brake Fluid Flushing Service: removes moisture in brake fluid which lowers the boiling point and causing possible brake failure helps protect damage to brake components and Anti-Lock Brake systems